This page is not about Siberians or any other cat.It is about how some charitable organizations are NOT charitable but rather money grabbers. This is how less than honest organizations are playing on your sympathies in order to extract money for their hidden agendas. Why do they succeed? Animals lovers everywhere want to help those animals that are less fortunate that their own household pets. In an attempt to help, most will donate blindly to an association based solely on the sound of the name or even the fact that this organization has been around awhile. We have all received those envelopes in the mail with the cute Christmas cards begging for you to support the charity by buying these cards. Some of us also have received letters throughout the year showing starving and abused dogs and cats. Others, pictures of Rabbits while the writer indicates that this is a result of animal testing for the purpose of testing shaving cream and won't you please help by sending money! The two organizations that most often use these begging tactics are PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and HSUS the (Humane Society of the United States.) Please do not be duped by these organizations. They are playing on your sympathies and using YOUR money to further their hidden agendas. There is nothing good about them. Your money supports their self serving interests! All Charities with annual revenues of $25, 000 or more must file form 990 with the federal government. This form details exactly what portion of contributions goes to help animals and how much goes to administrative costs. It is better if a nonprofit group raises its own money or uses volunteers to raise that money. There are a lot of 90-10 contracts out there where only 10 percent actually reaches the actual cause. Be aware that some charities list fund-raising costs as program services in their reports and it doesn't directly aid animals. We have the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, the scourge of the earth. PETA supports Terrorism by donating YOUR money to groups know as The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) Both of these groups are responsible for terrorist acts against fellow Americans for various reason that, simply put, do NOT agree with the agendas of the ALF and ELF. They raid farms releasing all of the animals and they bomb research laboratories. PETA made a sizable donation last year to the North American Earth Liberation Front, which claimed credit for the 1998 fire bombing of a Vail Ski Resort and literally hundreds of other crimes. The violent activist group known as "Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty" (SHAC) is a special-interest subset of an FBI-certified "terrorist group" called the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). SHAC is singularly dedicated to destroying a medical research company that uses laboratory animals in its search for clues to curing breast cancer and Parkinson's Disease. See how this goes???? PETA donates YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY TO ALF AND ALF SPONSORS SHAC, a terrorist group!! And you thought that you were saving rabbits from being tested with shaving cream. Hats off to PETA for their successful job of totaling *snowing* the general public! PETA made the following Fiscal Report Fiscal Year: 2004 Assets: $6,403,799 Income: $13,867,001 PETA files an IRS Form 990 or 990-EZ. To see PETA'S income tax return click on the link below To read about their acts of terrorism on a regular basis please click the link sign up for their newsletter. You will be glad that you did! Then we have the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) that says that they work for the protection of the animals. Yet they have enough money(Your hard earned money) to spay and neuter almost all of the strays in the USA yet they support NO LOCAL SHELTERS! They use your (NOW their) money to support anti-breeders laws. The next time that you or a family member are looking for a pedigreed animal you may just have a very hard time finding one. Why? Because HSUS funds legislation that would put a stop to breeders being able to have the freedom to do this. They will lie and say that they are against puppy and kitten mills when the legislation that they are proposing across this great land, does NOT exclude small private breeders but rather lumps everyone into the same legislative category. According to the form 990 and 990 EZ tax return the HSUS reported assets Financial Info Fiscal Year: 2004 Assets: $ 111,021,299 Here is the link to the Income tax returns filed with the IRS on the Humane Society of the United States for the year 2004 Somehow I don't think that they NEED my money nor are they worthy of it since they do NOT support any local Humane societies. The HSUS relies on your misunderstanding to keep their bank accounts "rolling in the dough!" Research conducted by the Center for Consumer Freedom ( has confirmed that since at least 1998, the Humane Society of the United States has been quietly funding an Internet service used by the violent criminals of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). HSUS has been widely criticized for hiring ALF-affiliated criminal J.P. Goodwin in 2001. It�s called, and it hosts the ALF �Frontline� mailing list, the preferred vehicle for arsonists and other criminals to announce their animal-rights crimes. According to what I witnessed, they don't need my money either! Americans donated nearly 200 Billion to philanthropic causes in 2001. Protect yourself and make you dollars go further to worthwhile charities (1) Don't give money to any charity that you don't know (2) Make sure that the organization spends at least 70 per cent of its budget on program services. The best do even better (3) Investigate the charity's BOD for possible conflict of interests (4)Make sure that the charity is registered with the IRS and a public Charity otherwise your donations are NOT tax deductible (5) Do NOT donate solely on the basis of the charity's name. Some adopt names very similar to well known charitable organizations (6) Do your homework. Planned giving is much more effective than last minute responses Your local NO KILL shelters would be a very good place to donate your hard earned money. You can even visit and delegate in what areas of operation you would like your donation to be spent. Remember PETA and the HSUS do NOTHING to help your local shelter! This is the best charity monitoring group that can provide you with almost everything you need to know before giving a donation.At this site you'll find reports of Charitable organizations, including a data base of more than 850,000 IRS recognized nonprofit organizations......This one gives you the whole enchilada! GuideStar

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