After suffering from cat allergies many years, I discovered that I am not allergic to the Siberian breed. Siberian breeders have thought that the Siberians may have reduced cat allergens called FEL D1. This allergen is extremely potent. Secretions from the glands of the skin are the primary source of FEL D1, but it is also deposited on the fur through the saliva when they clean themselves. Eventually the allergen flakes off and becomes airborne to trigger the symptoms that characterize allergies to cats. Some reports have shown that 75-80% of cat allergy sufferers are not or less allergic to Siberians. If possible it is best to visit a neutered/spayed Siberian in person or contact me for a hair sample. I may know of someone in your area who owns a siberian. It is believed that neutered/spayed Siberians have even less FEL-Dl than the Siberian breeder cats. Also,check with more than one breeder, you may be allergic to one bloodline but not another. Everyone's allergies are different. Here at Oxsana Siberians, we pick very low fel d1 breeders. Beware of siberian breeders who preach that the solid or tabby siberians are more hypoallergenic than the colorpoints. I and several other siberian colorpoint owners who suffer from cat allergies are proof that they are hypoallergenic. Do your homework before choosing a breeder. Also, keep in mind that hypoallergenic means less allergic as opposed to non-allergic. You may not be allergic or you may have significantly less symptoms with a siberian.

I have successfully placed male and female kittens in homes with clients with cat allergies. Males and females have the same personality, the only difference is size. Males are larger.

Dr. Oz owns a siberian cat. See his pet and allergy clip showing him with his siberian cat.

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